The LED Process

The LED Process

LED in just a few days. Recouped costs in as little as one year.

From initial analysis to the moment you let your LED light shine, our process is designed with you – and your energy savings – in mind. We take the guesswork out of what you’ll save with LED lighting. And you can take that to the bank.

These steps make our LED projects simple

LED Lighting Process

1. Site Review and Lighting Analysis

Our experts will talk over your lighting needs with you, offer comprehensive lighting assessments, which analyze the energy your current bulbs and fixtures consume. Our lighting experts walk you through the assessment and provide you with intelligent lighting alternatives to reduce your energy bill on the very first day of installation!

2. Project Estimate

Our project estimate shows your company’s financial investment, including the total cost, rebates and incentives available. The cash flow analysis details the likely ROI and energy and maintenance savings your company will see after the lighting upgrade. We account for your energy use and costs, explaining the equipment required for the job. You will know exactly what you get for your investment and what returns to expect.

3. Rebates and Financing


Our energy experts will help you apply for available rebates to offset the costs of your LED lighting conversion.


Cash Purchases Lease
A cash purchase is the most economical way to procure LED lighting. This method of payment yields the quickest payback. We require a 50% deposit upon contract execution and progress payments up to substantial completion of the work. We work with our financial consultants to develop a custom lease agreement, which yields payments below your total monthly savings. This allows for no down payment and a monthly positive cash flow over the lease term. After the lease has matured, your net savings drastically increase over the remainder of the investment’s life (15 to 20 years). This means your investment produces an immediate reduction in operating expenses, generating excess in your budget from the first day of installation.


Our established relationships with technology manufacturers allow us to offer five- to ten-year warranties.

4. Design

We design custom layouts based on your unique lighting needs. Our design process ensures consistent illumination throughout the project site.

5. Installation

Our electricians and professional installers are trained to work with every LED application we offer. We deliver a quality finished product on time and on budget, thanks to a dedicated project management team assigned to your project.

6. Savings VErification

Prior to the LED upgrade we install sub-meters on the lighting circuit, enabling you to monitor energy-consumption changes following installation. This monitoring shows you exactly what you’re saving. And from there, you can modify your consumption habits to further decrease your power bill.

7. Quality Assurance

Our process concludes with a final report that includes a comprehensive project overview plus applicable LED lamp warranty and safety information. No job is complete until both our project manager and electrician conduct and sign off on final quality inspection

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