Velo Solar Launches Informative New Website

Velo Solar recently unveiled its newly redesigned website,, to the public.

The new site is designed for three principal goals:

  1. Detailing the available services and products, focusing primarily on Commercial Solar installations, LED Lighting and the company’s proprietary PowerEnfo energy management software.
  2. Educating potential customers on each product and service, offering case study examples that explain their benefits in an easy-to-understand presentation.
  3. Creating easy and direct pathways to contact Velo.

The site is smartly formatted for proper display on mobile devices and owes its dynamic look to captivating graphics, bold colors and user-friendly navigation.

Mark Bell, President of Velo Solar, said he hopes the new website will help business owners, sustainability managers, government administrators, and nonprofit executives understand the evolving technology that can help them realize substantial energy cost savings.

“The options we offer for better energy management, including solar energy, monitoring and efficient LED lighting, can produce measurable savings for nearly any budget,” Bell said. “Our new website helps explain how easy it is to lower energy costs through innovative technology.”

Black Bear Design created the customized design and managed the new website’s development. GigaWord Communications and Derek Hambrick also contributed to the project, which includes easy-to-understand explanations and illustrations of the innovative energy management solutions Velo Solar offers.

Keith Berger, Chief Operations Officer for Velo Solar, said the new website brings the unique variety of services Velo Solar provides together in a way that shows how they work in harmony to maximize cost reduction and control.

“With the energy savings of solar, the demand reduction of LED lighting and the monitoring capability of PowerEnfo, any business can quickly realize productive gains in its budget,” Berger said. “With our portfolio of services, knowledge really is power.”

Visit today to find out what this unique company can do to lower your energy costs the smart way.


Velo Solar is one of the largest solar EPCs in Georgia. Led by an all-engineer management team, Velo Solar is the only solar firm offering three-tiered, scalable energy solutions that can be engineered to work together for maximum energy savings.