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Inside Cox Enterprises’ High-Wattage Solar Investments

Media, communications and automotive services giant Cox Enterprises doesn’t abide by an official renewable energy consumption target but it’s striving for a carbon-neutral operational footprint by 2044. To realize that vision, the Atlanta-based company has invested in developing close to... More

Velo Solar Teams with Indigo Energy

Velo Solar Teams Up with Indigo Energy for New Joint Venture

Velo Solar has formed a joint venture with Indigo Energy to offer Velo’s solar expertise to Indigo’s established distribution system for a range of energy products. Indigo Energy, formed in 2000, is a national distribution network for petroleum and biofuels.... More

40-kilowatt rooftop array

Velo Solar Creates Solar Installation for New Realm Brewing

40-kilowatt rooftop array will avoid more than 42 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year   New Realm Brewing located in Poncey-Highland has partnered with local solar installer Velo Solar to create a distinctive, money-saving energy source for the popular intown destination.... More