Case Studies

LED Project: Golden Ilse Conservation Center

The Golden Ilse Conversation Center is owned and operated by Cox Conserves, a division of Cox Enterprises based out of Atlanta, GA. The facility is designed to recycle used tires, removing tons of potential CO2 emissions from the environment. Velo... More

Eastman Solar Array

This unique 4KW solar array was designed to offset power used to run a multi-pump irrigation system in Eastman, GA. This rural system is monitored by our PowerEnfo system which allows the customer to schedule his pumps to operate during... More

Chemique Adhesives

Chemique Adhesives is a UK based company specializing in the manufacturing and supply of industrial adhesives, sealants, and adhesive application equipment. Their North American headquarters is located in Kennesaw, GA. We were able to help Chemique cut their utility costs... More

Seachem Laboratories

Seachem is an independent, privately-owned maker of high-quality products for aquariums and other pet-care necessities serving the industry for more than 30 years. Company executives decided to incorporate solar into its energy resources this year because the falling cost of... More

Beko Technologies

BEKO Technologies’ renovation of its eight-year-old plant in Atlanta earlier this year provided perfect timing to tap Velo Solar’s expertise for a 100 kW rooftop solar installation. The recently completed project will lower BEKO USA’s power bill by as much... More

Solar PV Project: La Hacienda B&B

La Hacienda is a 5 bedroom commercial B&B in Chattahoochee Hills, GA just down the road from the sustainable community known as Serenbe. The owners were facing high energy bills in both the summer and winter months and were in... More

Solar PV Project: JE Dunn

JE Dunn’s solar project presents a unique application for rooftop solar. First, the panels are mounted on a ground-mount racking system, even though they are located on a roof, so the profile of the panels is taller. This allows the... More

Cox Conserves Engauge Program

Cox Enterprises, Georgia’s largest private company, is committed to sustainability and growing environmental awareness.

LED Project: dk Gallery

dk Gallery, located at the historic Marietta Square, calls itself “a trendsetter among metro Atlanta art galleries.”