Project: Alumna Farm Storage Shed

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Alumna Farm is a unique 3.8 acre urban farm located in the Adair Park neighborhood in southwest Atlanta along the westside Beltline trail. The farm sits on a former manufacturing site that was completely remediated by the Beltline in association with the EPA. Aluma Farm is a pilot project intended to help address the problem of urban “food deserts” by offering fresh produce grown and sold on-site. The farm hosts a weekly farm stand onsite and a Community Supported Agriculture program.

The solar+storage system was funded in part by a grant from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. Privately operated, the system will provide lights, refrigeration and other electrical needs for this unique feature of Atlanta’s Beltline. The shed also serves as shaded space for washing and packing produce, and areas to store farm equipment.

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Project Goals

  • Off grid system with no reliance on the Utility
  • Showcase renewable energy
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability

Project Stats

  • System Size – 2.8 kW array