LED Project: Atlanta Fuel Company

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Atlanta Fuel Company, one of Georgia’s largest distributors of auto fleet and industrial lubricants and fuels, sat on a then dimly lit, two-acre parcel with several industrial flex buildings. The company’s lighting needs included:

  • Improved visibility in the outdoor fleet/pump area to help drivers prepare their vehicles for the day’s routes
  • Better security
  • Higher-quality lighting for offices
  • Greater energy efficiency

The Velo installation team upgraded the existing 4-foot fluorescent tubes to 15W 5000K LED lamps in the 10,000 square foot administrative area. We also retrofitted the exterior lighting for new 60W 5000K LED wall pack fixtures and lamps in key locations.

The resulting light improvements increased visibility, productivity, safety and security for Atlanta Fuel employees, including a 30% energy expense reduction with a 2.5 year ROI.

Indoor and Outdoor Lamp and Fixture Retrofit

  • Installment Time -10 Days
  • ROI Payback Period – 2.5 years
  • Energy Savings – 30%