Utility: Catawba Solar Farm, NC

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This 2.4MW solar farm was built in partnership with PEC Velo, VeloSolar’s utility solar development partner. Thissystem was builtaspart of Duke Energy’s 2016-2017 Solar RFP and has successfully added to the utility’s renewable portfolio of projects throughout the state of North Carolina.
Velois proud to bring project’s like Catawba Solar Farm online throughout the Southeast with our various tax equity and development partners who all share a common goal of bringing sustainable energy resources to the region while achieving exceptional economic returns.
VeloisafullserviceEPC/Developer with over 10 years of experience in institutional, commercial and industrial scale solar projects.



Project Goals

  • ProvideDuke Energy with 2.4MW PPA
  • Commission before Dec, 2017
  • Provideglare study for local airport

Project Stats

  • System Size – 2.4 KW
  • ROI Payback Period – 5 years
  • Energy Savings – PPA