Solar PV Project: Choate Construction Company

Choate Construction Company
Choate Construction Company
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Choate Construction Company headquarters, with some 150,000 square feet of office space spread through six stories, required about $56,000 per month in energy costs to operate. That’s a significant expense. But the 25,000 square foot roof was ideal for solar installation. The roof easily accommodated a 74 kW solar array comprising more than 16,000 solar cylinders. Now, the company saves $11,000 per year on its power bill.

Choate was also equipped with our patented PowerEnfo smart grid software to measure energy use in real–time, aggregate energy data to identify trends, avert unseen performance problems, and verify the forecasted energy savings. The PowerEnfo dashboard is displayed in the lobby where everyone who enters the building is able to see solar production stats and carbon offset equivalents.

Project Goals

  • Less than two-year Return on Investment
  • Reduce Energy Expense
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitment
  • Earn LEED points
  • Reduce carbon footprint

Project Stats

  • System Size – 74 MW
  • ROI Payback Period – 1 year
  • Energy Savings – 20%

This is only a start in what we at Choate view as a comprehensive energy management strategy,” he said. “Our goal is to exercise more control over our energy costs and turn the free sunlight that gets delivered to our rooftops into a real and measurable benefit – for Choate and our customers.

Michael Swick, Choate Director of Sustainability