Cox Conserves Engauge Program

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Cox Enterprises, Georgia’s largest private company and one of Atlanta’s top employers, is committed to sustainability and growing environmental awareness. The company’s Cox Conserves division has deployed renewable energy assets at 28 locations across the country. Tracking the performance of these assets is complex and requires constant monitoring using a variety of instruments and data streams. If an energy asset malfunctions, the effects might go undetected for weeks or even months, so proper operation is important from both a fiscal and environmental standpoint. By implementing PowerEnfo, problems are pinpointed and communicated before losses add up.

The results have been extraordinary: in the first year since installation, Cox PowerEnfo-metered sites have already seen a 2.73% decrease in energy usage. Non-metered sites saw an increase of 0.59%.  Individual locations are finding savings as well: A Manheim location immediately discovered a malfunctioning utility meter which was causing a loss of revenue because energy data was not being pushed back to the grid, Our redundant PowerEnfo meter data was accepted by the utility to measure energy output, thus avoiding a $50,000 potential loss in revenue and associated fines for non-compliance.

Project Goals

  • Demonstrate ROI of renewable asset investments
  • Improve overall energy efficiency/reduce energy cost.


  • Measure renewable energy production
  • Measure load energy usage
  • Monitor, report energy data
  • Educate employees, increase awareness, inspire change

Phase | Results

  • PowerEnfo Metered Sites – Year 1 Decrease 2.73%
  • Non-metered Sites – Year 1 Increase 0.59%