LED Project: Early County School System

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Located in rural south Georgia, the Early County School System is one of the state’s top performers when it comes to energy efficiency, thanks to a lighting retrofit. The school system used SPLOST funds to invest wisely in more efficient lighting that redirected energy savings into student support and activities. The school system’s lighting fixtures were converted from fluorescent to 15W 4ft LED lamps. In just nine days, while the students and faculty were on winter break, the Velo LED installation team replaced more than 4,000 lamps across the elementary, middle, and high schools as well as in the school system’s administrative building.

The results were dramatic. Not only did the school system benefit from a 40% reduction in energy expense, but students and faculty throughout the system have credited a notable improvement in the quality of the lighting with providing a better learning environment.

Each building was also equipped with our patented PowerEnfo energy monitoring solution to measure energy use in real –time, aggregate energy data to identify trends, avert unseen performance problems, and verify the forecasted energy savings.

Indoor Lamp Retrofit

  • Installment Time – 9 days
  • ROI Payback Period – 4.9 years
  • Energy $ Reduction – 40%