Solar PV Project: Green’s Beer and Wine

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Atlanta retailer Green’s Beer and Wine was spending $2,500 per month in utility bills to serve its customers and store its inventory. But Green’s 57 kW solar PV rooftop installation is helping the company live up to its name. Designing the solar array was a challenge because of the roof’s odd shape and multiple obstructions, but Velo engineers were able to create a system design which maximized the useful space.

By saving the store $12,000 per year, the cost of Green’s solar system was recouped just two years after its installation in 2010. And the panels will continue to provide power for Green’s energy needs for decades.

Project Scope: Velo Solar provided full design, engineering, procurement and construction of the solar PV rooftop array; project management, administration and quality management; and operations and maintenance.

Project Goals

  • Two-year or less Return on Investment
  • Reduce energy expense
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitment

Project Stats

  • System Size – 57 kW
  • ROI Payback Period – 2 years
  • Energy Savings – 20%

With our refrigeration requirements and corresponding energy usage, we were investigating options to offset our energy costs. And the economics of the solar PV system made it the right investment.

Jeff Greenbaum, President of BINS