Utility: JEA Solar Farm, FL

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Velo is proud to announce the commissioning of our 3MW solar farm in Jacksonville, FL. This project was constructed as part of JEA’s portfolio of renewable projects throughout the region.

JEA Solar Farm is our first single axis tracking system and has proven to yield significantly higher production over it’s operation. Single axis trackers are a far cry away from traditional fixed tilt solar arrays. Instead of the usual East/West orientation, single axis trackers are positioned North/ South in order to track the sun from sunrise to sunset –boosting production by almost 20%!

There were a number of notable challenges with this projects, not the least of which were the wetlands that existed on the site. The Velo construction team were able to work with the local government and Army Core of Engineers to create a wet land friendly design that worked for everyone.



Project Goals

  • Build a single axis tracking system
  • Payback before year 6
  • Commission before year end for tax credits
  • Build around wetlands

Project Stats

  • System Size – 3 KW
  • ROI Payback Period – 5 years
  • Energy Savings – PPA