Solar PV Project: Manheim New Jersey

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The Manheim New Jersey location offered plenty of potential space for solar, but a number of obstructions required precise engineering to make the most of the solar installation’s capability. Velo was able to design effectively around the challenges by engineering three separate arrays: rooftop, canopy and ground mount systems,

And in addition to the solar array, Velo deployed our PowerEnfo smart grid software to monitor energy consumption of every type used in the building. This not only assures top performance from Velo’s solar design, but also allows real-time tracking that encourages and rewards employees for reducing energy consumption.

Project Scope: Velo Solar provided full design, engineering, procurement and construction of the solar PV rooftop array; project management, administration and quality management; operations and maintenance, and ongoing energy monitoring.

Project Goals

  • Three or less Return on Investment
  • Reduce energy expense
  • Demonstrate sustainability commitment
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase employee awareness and encourage participation in sustainability goals

Project Stats

  • System Size – 341 kW
  • ROI Payback Period – 3 years
  • Energy Savings – 60%