Seachem Laboratories

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Seachem is an independent, privately-owned maker of high-quality products for aquariums and other pet-care necessities serving the industry for more than 30 years. Company executives decided to incorporate solar into its energy resources this year because the falling cost of solar installation has made solar very cost-effective.

With the company’s rooftop solar array now generating, Seachem CEO Greg Morin said power bills are about 1/3 lower than before. With those savings, he said, the solar installation from Velo should pay for itself in about five years. The system will continue to generate power for more than 20 years with minimal maintenance.

“Velo Solar provided us with a professional, well-executed, turnkey solar energy solution,” Morin said. “Any issues that came up were handled directly and rapidly. I would not hesitate to recommend Velo to anyone considering a large scale solar installation.”

Project Goals

  • Under 5 Year Payback
  • Reduce Energy Expense by 1/3
  • Display Commitment to Sustainability

Project Stats

  • System Size – 100KW
  • ROI Payback Period – 4 years
  • Energy Savings – 36%