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Inside Cox Enterprises’ High-Wattage Solar Investments

Media, communications and automotive services giant Cox Enterprises doesn’t abide by an official renewable energy consumption target but it’s striving for a carbon-neutral operational footprint by 2044. To realize that vision, the Atlanta-based company has invested in developing close to... More

Velo Solar Teams with Indigo Energy

Velo Solar Teams Up with Indigo Energy for New Joint Venture

Velo Solar has formed a joint venture with Indigo Energy to offer Velo’s solar expertise to Indigo’s established distribution system for a range of energy products. Indigo Energy, formed in 2000, is a national distribution network for petroleum and biofuels.... More

40-kilowatt rooftop array

Velo Solar Creates Solar Installation for New Realm Brewing

40-kilowatt rooftop array will avoid more than 42 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year   New Realm Brewing located in Poncey-Highland has partnered with local solar installer Velo Solar to create a distinctive, money-saving energy source for the popular intown destination.... More

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How to Maximize Your ROI with Solar

If you are thinking about using solar for your business, be aware of local policies which will affect how your system is engineered and sized to maximize your return on investment. When speaking to a solar provider, be sure to... More

Velo Solar Launches Informative New Website

Velo Solar recently unveiled its newly redesigned website,, to the public. The new site is designed for three principal goals: Detailing the available services and products, focusing primarily on Commercial Solar installations, LED Lighting and the company’s proprietary PowerEnfo... More

Considering solar for your business?

Here are 8 things you need to know. By using solar power, your business saves on electricity you now buy from the grid. Less utility-provided power means lower power bills. When you invest in solar power, you control a meaningful... More

The LED Process

The LED Process LED in just a few days. Recouped costs in as little as one year. From initial analysis to the moment you let your LED light shine, our process is designed with you – and your energy savings... More

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The Solar Energy Systems Process

The Solar Energy Systems Process Day-one energy savings in as little as six weeks. The monthly utility bills won’t stop coming, but what if you could reduce them within two billing cycles? Velo helps you do just that – we’ll... More