What organization doesn’t need energy-efficient cost savings?

Regardless of your reason for turning on the lights at work, Velo can help you meet your energy-management needs. Start-ups to high-rises, classrooms to commercial, we work with you to make renewable energy a reality.

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Manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, data centers, retail centers and office buildings all have unique energy needs, consumption profiles and rate structures. With our dedicated engineering staff, we can tailor solutions to lower your energy costs in ways that make your company more efficient, productive and competitive.

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Environmental Products


Solar energy is playing a growing role in America’s energy portfolio. We can design and build solar arrays that provide good energy value to the grid and excellent investment value to our partners.

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Small and medium-sized businesses often operate on the slimmest margins and benefit the most from efficiency. Energy cost savings from solar and lighting improvements gives your small-business budget more flexibility.

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Spending less on energy means more money for your teachers, students, administrators and programs. Like the education that schools provide, our energy solutions create lasting value.

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