LED Lighting

Lighten your energy costs with LED

You need to keep the lights on. But if high costs make you cringe when reaching for the switch, consider a switch to bulbs that cost you less. LED lighting doesn’t draw as much energy as conventional bulbs, saving you money from the day they’re installed. Plus, the cost of LED – just like solar – has dropped in recent years.

Advanced technology and competitive pricing means longer life for your lighting system, rebates to lower your cost of conversion and significantly greater efficiency in your operation. We can design retrofits that will preserve your fixtures, lower your maintenance costs and reduce your energy cost for lighting by about 50%.

Our PowerEnfo energy monitoring software can help you isolate and identify the monthly cost of your lighting needs. Then, we can calculate how much you will save over time through an LED retrofit. You’ll be surprised by how quickly this investment will pay for itself.

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Advantages of LED

LED Lighting - Valuable


  • Lower your lighting costs by as much as 50%
  • Capture a return on investment in 1-3 years
  • Take advantage of energy rebates and tax deductions
  • Increase your commercial property value
LED Lighting - Sustainable


  • Fulfill your corporate sustainability goals
  • Earn LEED points and other energy credits
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Made from environmentally safe and non-toxic materials
  • Demonstrate a commitment to energy innovation
LED Lighting - Effective


  • Improve property security with high quality LED technology
  • Lower your light heat output to help control indoor temperatures
  • Forget about replacing your LEDs: LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of use – that’s 15-25 years!


Cast your electricity budget in the perfect light.

No matter your lighting needs, LED offers the quality light you need at a fraction of your current costs. Whether you’ve got new construction or need to retrofit an existing lighting system; there’s an LED solution for that. Inside and out, from accent to industrial, LED lighting brightens your energy budget and with the rebates and tax incentives available, you can expect to see an investment payback in as little as 1-3 years.


Our indoor LED applications replace incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting of all shapes and sizes. Durable, dimmable, and even decorative – we design our indoor lighting around the desired color, light levels, controls and concentration of your space.

Commercial Outdoor

We provide a wide range of outdoor LEDs which can fit the required light levels for parking lots, building facades, security lighting, wall packs and more. Outdoor LED lighting improves energy efficiency, eliminates expensive service contracts, and improves output and quality of light for your property.


A lamp replacement is the most cost effective LED solution and can provide substantial savings on your energy bill. Even though a lamp retrofit doesn’t change the physical appearance of your existing fixtures, the benefits are big: you will see a dramatic increase in light output, save energy by 70% and eliminate your lighting maintenance costs.


If your lighting needs a bigger facelift, or even total replacement, a fixture retrofit is the best option. Improves the physical appearance of the existing fixtures. We can work with you to design a high-quality, low-consumption lighting system for any environment which will generate a powerful increase in your light output, save more than 50% on your energy bills and eliminate your maintenance costs.

Let’s discover the best LED solution for your business


LED in just a few days. Recouped costs in as little as one year.

From initial analysis to the moment you let your LED light shine, our process is designed with you – and your energy savings – in mind. We take the guesswork out of what you’ll save with LED lighting. And you can take that to the bank.

LED Lighting Process

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