Operations + Maintenance Plan

The Full Monty

Here at Velo, we genuinely care about your solar PV systems. We are dedicated to seeing solar panels and other solar power systems of manufacturers and manufacturing industries run smoothly for decades to come. That’s why every one of our projects comes with the entire maintenance package you need to stay running. From on-the-scene technicians, to full warranties, we’re with you every step of the way. And with yearly maintenance being only roughly 5% of your annual savings, there’s no reason to worry about your upkeep investment.

Velo offers annual electric and mechanical inspections of the solar power system, which means we deploy trusted tier one partners to come onsite and inspect your entire system to make sure the connections are tight, the racking is optimal, and ensure the rooftop doesn’t have any leaks or damage that could hinder your solar PV system. Having someone physically come and monitor your system is just part of the guarantee Velo offers our clients.

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Our Protection Guarantee

Your system of Velo solar panels, inverters, and racking are all protected under a 20-year warranty. Velo works closely with our solar power manufacturers in Atlanta, so we receive the training of our manufacturer’s technicians so we can better understand how to work on their products. We also work closely with their warranty departments so we’re professionally well prepared to process their claims and understand all sides of the process. This thorough knowledge and experience is just another factor of Velo’s sincere commitment to our clients.

System Monitoring Has Never Been Easier

We’ve made measuring your energy performance a breeze. With our patented PowerEnfo technology, you can monitor your solar PV system right from your phone.

With PowerEnfo, our power monitoring software solution, facility operators enjoy automatic and up-to-the-minute updates on their system’s operation. If there is ever an issue with your system, PowerEnfo will send you and Velo an alert, to which we immediately respond by sending an expert technician to survey the situation so you don’t have to. This means you’re never pulled away from your work to handle your system, we’ve got you (literally!) covered!

With PowerEnfo you’ll enjoy the ability to:

  • Monitor and receive alerts for all of your facilities all on the same platform
  • Utilize the IoT for better cost and energy efficiency
  • Receive reports on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis to a customer provided distribution list


As with any system, reporting is a vital part of the operation! With PowerEnfo, you’ll receive reports on your daily, weekly, or monthly activity which can be sent to the distribution list of your choice. Current reports include:

  • Report Name
    Report Description
  • Monthly Metrics
    Month over month electric footprint comparison
  • Energy Analysis
    Total consumption and max demand (and time hit) for each load
  • Monthly Electric Generation
    Total electricity generated by site and entire portfolio
  • Monthly Electric Consumption
    Total electricity used by site and entire portfolio
  • Dashboard Summary
    Summary of dashboard status by site and entire portfolio
  • Daily Alert Summary
    List of all alerts sent out the prior day