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You can’t monitor your own power. Let’s fix that.

PowerEnfo, our smart-grid power monitoring software, connects directly to your building operations, so you’ll know what’s costing you how much and when. If it’s got an on/off switch, we’re on it. This takes the unknowns out of energy costs and the mystery out of your bill. From this baseline, you can call precise shots on energy usage. Add solar or PowerEnfo, and you’ll see exactly how your investment is paying off.

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There’s Power in Numbers

The more you know about your energy use, the more control you have over energy costs. With PowerEnfo, there’s no guesswork, because it makes reporting easy and accurate. No more extrapolation or estimation. Right on the screen, your company’s energy use is easily understandable, richly detailed, and current, keeping you informed about your energy use.

Engage your workforce in your energy-saving efforts. PowerEnfo makes it easy by communicating current energy use and trending data that helps change behaviors. Broadcast energy data to your organization in real-time with an interactive display in your common areas, or make it accessible through a secure website. And through custom, recurring reports, you can provide data beyond your operations, sharing it with stakeholders, customers, and regulators.

How it works

We’ll get your Smart Grid system up and running in just a five steps.

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Smart Grid Software

PowerEnfo smart grid software measures everything in your building that either produces or pulls energy: solar, lighting, HVAC, air, water, and even steam. And it does so by category and load level, in near-real time. This allows you to increase your energy efficiency with the Internet of Things.

PowerEnfo Product Sheet PowerEnfo Product Sheet

Customer Testimonial

Through our Cox Conserves program, Cox Enterprises has an aggressive, but attainable goal to become carbon neutral by 2044. Technology will play a huge role in us reaching this important milestone. Empower’s Energy Dashboard helps our site managers take action when it’s needed to deliver on our environmental commitment and helps employees see the beneficial effects of our renewable assets.

Steven Bradley
Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability
Cox Enterprises


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