Project: Mansfield Oil

As we look forward into the future, Mansfield remains focused on constant innovation and improvements that benefit not only our organization but the energy industry at large.

Michael F. Mansfield, CEO, Mansfield Oil

Project: Choate Construction HQ

“This is only a start in what we at Choate view as a comprehensive energy management strategy,” he said. “Our goal is to exercise more control over our energy costs and turn the free sunlight that gets delivered to our rooftops into a real and measurable benefit – for Choate and our customers.”

Michael Swick, Director of Sustainability, Choate

Project: Greens Package Store

With our refrigeration requirements and corresponding energy usage, we were investigating options to offset our energy costs. And the economics of the solar PV system made it the right investment.

Jeff Greenbaum, President, BINS Corp (Greens)

Project: JE Dunn HQ

When renovating our new corporate headquarters to a LEED Gold standard, we were looking for a qualified solar partner to fulfill our unique site requirements. We found that partner in Velo Solar, and together executed a creative design that not only provides energy savings for the building but simultaneously meets our architectural goals for the renovation.

Dan Kaufman, Regional President, JE Dunn Construction

Project: Beko Technologies

Velo Solar was an easy choice for the job, bringing both financial and engineering expertise to the project along with highly competitive pricing.

Tilo Fruth, President, BEKO Technologies GmbH

Project: Seachem Laboratories Inc.

“Velo Solar provided us with a professional, well-executed, turnkey solar energy solution,” Morin said. “Any issues that came up were handled directly and rapidly. I would not hesitate to recommend Velo to anyone considering a large scale solar installation.”

Greg Morin, CEO, Seachem Laboratories Inc.

Project: PowerEnfo Cox Conserves

Through our Cox Conserves program, Cox Enterprises has an aggressive, but attainable goal to become carbon neutral by 2044. Technology will play a huge role in us reaching this important milestone. Empower’s Energy Dashboard helps our site managers take action when it’s needed to deliver on our environmental commitment and helps employees see the beneficial effects of our renewable assets.

Steven Bradley, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability Cox Enterprises